About me

Louise Turnbull painting at Seacliffe, East LothianI am drawn to expressing an atmosphere, whether land or seascape, in a loose, abstract style.

Taking inspiration from places I feel a connection to, I work on several paintings at a time, giving myself space to find my way with them and keep the work lively. Working on several paintings simultaneously also frees me up to take more risks and be alert to new possibilities.

While some of my work is representational, I enjoy the freedom to respond to colour and texture in the painting and see where it takes me.

For me personally, painting provides a form of escapism where the only boundaries are those set by myself and there is no prescription set out for what I should achieve.

That process of deciding what to focus on, leave out, change or abandon opens me up to exciting possibilities. I’m a tactile painter and enjoy sanding back paint to reveal underlying textures, and use materials such as oil bars or acrylic to work quickly, maintaining the energy within my work.

In painting, I enjoy that process of losing it, getting it back, and finding you end up somewhere unexpected and delightful. While some works almost paint themselves and happen very quickly, others need time to develop. I enjoy not being tied down to a predetermined way of working.

The joy I feel in painting was beautifully expressed by Wassily Kandinsky: “There is no must in art because art is free.”

I left my previous career as a learning and development adviser last year to pursue painting, which is my real passion in life.  As in my art, I feel it is worth taking risks, making a complete change of profession comparatively late in life.

While largely self-taught, I have had the privilege of tuition from David Graham and Áine Divine, who have inspired and encouraged me. Both have been very generous in sharing their experience with me. Áine recently provided this lovely testimonial:

Louise captures absolutely the essence of the landscapes and seascapes she turns her attention to. She draws you in with her unique mark making and dramatic composition. The skies are Turneresque. The surfaces are alive, raw and elemental. You can sense the courage and freedom in every stroke! There is real beauty in Louise’s paintings that will bring enduring life and joy to any wall. One to watch!

I have work in private collections in UK and Europe and have exhibited at Pitteenweem Arts Festival as well as with galleries across central and southern Scotland. I also undertake commissions.